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Poetry Readings and More...



7pm: KVUUC Church, 400 N Anderson. Robert Bly: A Thousand Years of Joy––brought to you by the Ellensburg Film Festival.




Noon–12:45 pm: Ingathering @ Rotary Pavilion, 400 block Pearl Street, across from Gallery One. Baudelaire poems from Les Fleurs du Mal broadcast live and from rooftops on Pearl Street. Nathalie Kasselis reading in French, Ed Stover reading English translations. Introduction by Brian Cooney.


Noon­–4:00 pm:  420 Building, 420 N. Pearl Street. Inland Poetry Prowl Headquarters.

            •  Featured Readers check-in, receive packets.

            •  Maps, schedules, buttons.

            •  Book Fair––books to sell or swap.

            •  CWU Inklings Creative Writing Club.

            •  Ellensburg Community Radio Open Mic.


Noon–4:00 pm: 

Gallery One Visual Arts Center, 408 N. Pearl Street. In conjunction with Slow Art Day, poets are invited to pull up a chair, contemplate visual art, and write an ekphrastic poem.


1–1:45 pm: 

Troutwater, 425 N. Pearl Street. Wet and Wild––poems about rivers, lakes, streams, and our natural world, featuring Penny K. Johnson, Mary Eliza Crane, and Joseph Powell.


2–2:45 pm: 

Clymer Museum of Art, 416 N. Pearl Street. Tearing Paper: A Found Poetry Craft Talk––visual poems crafted with words torn from magazines, daily newspapers, junk mail, etc., along with explanation of the process, presented by J.I. (Judy) Kleinberg.


420 Building, 420 N. Pearl Street, upstairs. Open Mic.


3–3:45 pm: 

Gard Vintners, 311 N. Pearl Street. Visceral Verse––poems that scrape the veneer off everyday experience, featuring Maya Jewell Zeller, Laura Read, and Katharine Whitcomb.


4–4:45 pm: 

Dick & Jane's Spot, 101 N. Pearl Street. Sassy Sonnets: Old Forms Made New––Washington State Poet Laureate Tod Marshall presents this craft talk.


Bailey's Bibliomania, 404 N. Pine Street. Open Mic.


5-5:45 pm: 

Dick and Jane’s Spot, 101 N. Pearl Street. Truth to Power––poems about inequality, injustice and identity, featuring Armando Ortiz, Katelyn Durst, Christopher Luna, and Xavier Cavazos. Adult content.


6–6:45 pm: 

Grapes and Crepes, 115 E. 4th Avenue. Translating Transcendence––poems that evoke another time, another place, another dimension, featuring Shankar Narayan, Eugenia Hepworth Petty, and Joannie Stangeland.


Ellensburg Public Library, 209 N. Ruby Street. Open Mic––featuring Jake Andrews, WA State Poetry Out Loud 2016 Champion.


7–7:45 pm: 

BRIX Elevage Wine Company, 109 W. 3rd Avenue. Blow Torch–-poems so powerful, they singe, featuring Kimii Kalamity, Johnny Roger Schofield, Tito Titus, and Brian Cooney. Adult content.


8 pm–close: 

Iron Horse Brewery, 412 N. Main Street. Bugle–-poems that make you want to carpe diem, and seize the freakin' day, featuring Tod Marshall, Washington State Poet Laureate. Age 21 and over. Adult content. Drink beer. Eat cake. 

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