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•First Friday Art Walk, historic downtown Ellensburg.

•Gallery One, 408 N Pearl (Eveleth Green Gallery). Mano de Orula, paintings by Xavier Cavazos. Participate in Olio, a medley of miscellaneous poetic mishmash.


•Starlight Lounge, 402 N Pearl (Back Room). Poets Meet 'n' Greet. Quesadillas,
no-host bar.




•Ellensburg Community Radio, 420 N Pearl. Live broadcast, presenting the life and work of Langston Hughes, featuring Jeff Miller and Prowl Readers.

Noon-5pm (Re-opens 8-10pm):

•Gallery One, 408 N Pearl (Picasso Gallery). Inland Poetry Prowl Headquarters.

     • Featured Readers check-in, receive packets.

     • Maps, schedules, souvenir buttons.
      Book Fair––poetry books to swap or sell.

     • CWU Inklings Creative Writing Club.

Noon-By Appointment:

•Gallery One, 408 N Pearl (Eveleth Green Gallery). Dean Davis will be photographing and recording poets for his Pictures of Poets Project.  


•Troutwater, 425 N Pearl (Back Room). Tinder & Gyre––poems about nature, place, and our spinning planet, featuring Luther Allen, Terry Martin, & Jeremy Pataky.


•Gallery One, 408 N Pearl (Ceramic Studio). Strange Alchemy: When Women Collaborate, panel discussion exploring interdisciplinary collaborations, featuring Melinda Mueller, Elizabeth Vignali, Kami Westhoff, Katharine Whitcomb, & Maya Jewell Zeller.

•Clymer Museum & Gallery, 416 N Pearl. Poetry Out Loud––recitations and original poems by Ellensburg High School students.

•Old Skool's Retro Center, 308 N Main (Back Room). Open Mic.


•Gallery One, 408 N Pearl (Ceramic Studio). The Book's Journey: Editing from Both Sides of the Desk. Writer Carolyne Wright and publisher Christine Holbert give tips on how to take your poetry collection from inspiration to publication.

•Gard Vintners, 311 N Pearl. Roar of the Sea, Slant of the Rain––poems about water, memory, and loss, featuring Emily Gwinn, Cynthia Neely, & Mark Halperin.  


•Gallery One, 408 N Pearl (Ceramic Studio). The 56 Days of August: Poetry Postcards as a Poetic Form, panel discussion exploring epistolary poetry, featuring J.I. Kleinberg, Eugenia Hepworth Petty, & Paul Nelson.

•Dick & Jane's Spot, 101 N Pearl. Naughty, Nervy, Nasty––women's voices speak out, featuring Gabrielle Bates, Susan J. Erickson, C.J. Prince, & Carolyne Wright.


•Dick & Jane's Spot, 101 N Pearl. Prowl Reprise––former Prowlers give encore readings, featuring Joannie Stangeland, Penny K. Johnson, Mary Eliza Crane, Jampa Dorje,
Mark J. Fuzie, Eugenia Hepworth Petty, Johnny Roger Schofield & Belle Randall.


•Iron Horse Brewery, 412 N Main (Back Room). Sex, Death & Holy Moly––poems that are unflinching, unapologetic, and unabashed, featuring Kathryn Smith, Daniel Edward Moore, & Laura LeHew. Adult content. Age 21.


•Dark Moon Craft Beer, 420 N Pearl. Fistful of Words––poems loaded with confession, history, and cadence, featuring Rod Nelson, Connor Simons, & Paul Nelson. Adult content. Age 21.  Minors allowed upstairs in the 420 Loft.


•Gallery One, 408 N Pearl (Main Gallery & Mezzanine). The Human Soul Entire––poems that explore race, identity and family, featuring Darryl Foto, Alexander Dang, & Robert Lashley. Adult content. No-host bar.


•Gallery One, 408 N Pearl (Main Gallery & Mezzanine). Live Mic (Read to the Wall, Nobody's Listening). Adult content. Drink beer. Eat cake.




•Hal Holmes Community Center, Kittitas Room, 209 N Ruby, adjacent to Ellensburg Public Library. Louder Than a Bomb, 2010 award-winning documentary film co-directed by Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel, tells the inspiring and exhilarating story of high schoolers participating in the world's most competitive slam poetry event. Coffee & pastries. Doors open @ 11am. Please enter from parking lot on 2nd Ave.


Dean Davis

Saturday, April 7
Gallery One, beginning at Noon

Dean will be photographing and recording poets for his Pictures of Poets Project during the Inland Poetry Prowl.


Dean Davis is an award-winning commercial and fine art photographer based in Spokane, WA. His work creating images for advertising and marketing clients has allowed him to pursue a parallel fine art career.

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