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Friday, April 5

5-8 PM

• Historic Downtown Ellensburg. First Friday Art Walk.

• Gallery One, 408 N Pearl. Double Vision: An Exhibition of Image & Word, featuring photographs curated by Zemie Barr from Portland's Blue Sky Center for Photographic Arts, paired with poems from Inland Poetry poets.


8-10 PM

• Old Skool's Back Room, 308 N Main. Inland Poetry Open Mic. Sign up to read! Stage, mic, 4 minutes! Pretzels, chips, soda pop! Host: Jennifer Dowd.


* * * * * * *


Saturday, April 6

Noon-12:30 PM

• Ellensburg Community Radio (ECR), 420 N Pearl. Live Radio Broadcast, featuring the poems of Sylvia Plath.

Host: Jampa Dorje.


Noon-5 PM (Re-opens 8-10 PM)

• Gallery One, 408 N Pearl. Inland Poetry Prowl Headquarters.

            * Featured Readers check-in, receive packets.

            * Maps, schedules, souvenir buttons.

            * Book Fair hosted by Uttered Chaos Small Press––poetry books to swap, sell, buy, browse.

            * Double Vision exhibition on view.


1-1:45 PM

Clymer Museum & Gallery, 416 N Pearl. Solid Honesty––what men have to say, featuring Travis Laurence Naught, Larry Kerschner, & Benjamin Schmitt. Host: Mary Eliza Crane.


2-2:45 pm

• Restorations in the Burg, 312 N Pine. Ashes of Roses––poems of loss and hope, featuring Christine M. Kendall, Kristin Berger, & Michael Schmeltzer. Host: Lisa Norris.


3-3:45 PM

• Gard Vintners, 311 N Pearl. Butterflies, Forsythia, Frost ––poems that contemplate everything under the sun and moon, featuring Kate Lebo, Tanya McDonald, Michael Dylan Welch & Melanie Noel. Wine and small plates available for purchase. Host: Linda Brown.


4-4:45 PM

• Dick & Jane's Spot, 101 N Pearl. [The tulips are] Too Excitable!––Susanne Paola Antonetta presents a lecture on the work of Sylvia Plath, and leads a discussion on Plath's poem "Tulips." Host: Susan Blair.


5-5:45 PM

• Dick & Jane's Spot, 101 N Pearl. The Blue Hour––poems concerned with the passage of time, impermanence, and memory, featuring Carey Taylor, Lynne Ellis, & Meredith Clark. Host: Susan Blair.


6-6:45 PM

• Café C5, 213 West 4th. Incoherently Wondrous––featuring the wisely uninformative poems of C.G Connor Dahlin, and, brief moments of fraudulent history, as told by Sam Ligon. Also, the best grilled cheese sandwich––available for purchase––on this planet. Host: Gerard Hogan.


7-7:45 PM

• Dark Moon (Age 21+), The 420 Loft (Under Age 21), 420 N Pearl. Me Meaneth––poems that push the boundaries of language, syntax, and surreal juxtaposition, featuring Taylor D. Waring, Sierra Golden, & Bruce Beasley. Beer and cider available for purchase. Host: Ed Stover.


8-8:59-ish PM

• Gallery One, 408 N Pearl. A Bouquet of Flame––radiant poems that promise to light up our stage, featuring Rena Priest, Gyorgyi Voros, & WA State Poet Laureate Claudia Castro Luna. Host: Xavier Cavazos.


9-10:00 PM

• Gallery One, 408 N Pearl. Sheer Love––original song, written and performed in honor of Sylvia Plath, by special musical guest Karin Blaine of Seattle. Also, drink beer, eat cake, sign books, give hugs and high fives.

Host: Xavier Cavazos.


* * * * * * *

Sunday, April 7


11:30 AM

• Hal Holmes Community Center, Kittitas Room, 209 N Ruby, adjacent to E'burg Public Library. Sylvia, the 2003 British film directed by Christine Jeffs, stars Gwyneth Paltrow as Sylvia Plath, and Daniel Craig as Ted Hughes. Coffee and pastries. Library main door will open at 11:00 AM for film screening only. Parking lot is on 2nd Avenue.

Host: Theresa Bugni.

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