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  • What is a poetry prowl? 

A poetry prowl, although highly organized, gives the appearance of being an organic, spontaneous, no-holds-barred literary event.  In other words, we will not be sitting in an auditorium in tight rows, looking at the back of other people's heads, and stifling yawns.  Instead, we will be wandering in and out of various venues, sitting on apple crates or straw bales, clapping, whistling, groaning, laughing, slapping our knees, sloshing beer,  and generally showing unbridled enthusiasm for our fellow poets. Inland Poetry Prowl 2020 will feature guest poets, open mics, live radio broadcast, and a book fair.

  • When and where does your Inland Poetry Prowl take place? 

The Inland Poetry Prowl is an all-day event (Noon-10pm), taking place during National Poetry Month, at various venues (TBA) within easy walking distance, in the heart of historic Downtown Ellensburg, a charming college town in Central Washington. In 2020, the date will be Saturday, April 4.


  • Why Ellensburg? 

As host to Jazz in the Valley, First Friday Art Walk, Spirit of the West, Ellensburg Film Festival, and more, the city of Ellensburg is eager to enhance its reputation as a cultural hub in Central Washington.


  • Why should I come? 

Duh. In 2020, Inland Poetry Prowl will be celebrating the life and work of 20th Century American poet E. E. Cummings (1894-1962). Here is an opportunity to indulge your love of poetry, raise awareness for your craft, network with other poets from across the Pacific Northwest, present your work to an appreciative audience, offer for sale your 'zine, chapbook, or poetry collection, and pay homage to an illustrious poet from the past. Also, drink beer, eat cake.

  • What's it gonna cost me? 

Attending the Inland Poetry Prowl is FREE, but you may want to stuff a few bucks into your pockets so that you'll be able to participate in the local Happy Hours, buy souvenirs, and take home a copy of your favorite poet's chapbook.

  • Is getting to Ellensburg difficult? 

NO!! Not at all!  We are less than 2 hours from Seattle via I-90, our state's gorgeous Greenway, replete with fir, pine, spruce, snowcapped ridges, and waterfalls.  You'll zip right over, like in a greased chute.  We are less than 40 minutes from Yakima,  and maybe an hour from Tieton, via Highway 821, which runs through the scenic Yakima River Canyon, where possible sightings may include eagles, mountain sheep, and migrating pelicans.  We are less than 30 minutes from Cle Elum, via Old Highway 10, offering more views of the beautiful Yakima River, along with elk, deer, and yellow-bellied marmots (!).  We are a mere hop, skip, and jump from Roslyn, Ephrata, and Wenatchee. Seriously. We also have a Greyhound Bus Station, the Airporter Shuttle Service, and Rodeo Taxi. Those of you coming from Spokane, Okanogan, or Tri-Cites can opt to sleep over at one of Ellensburg's many fine hotels.


  • Should I bring anything? 

Yes! Bring your 'zine, chapbook, or hot-off-the-press poetry collection to sell or trade. Bring a sheaf of your poems to read at the open mic. Bring a folding camp stool, water bottle, camera, scraps of paper, pencil stub. Bring some some cool cards with your contact info on them. Bring some cash and your smart phone. Wear comfy jeans and comfy shoes, cuz we be a-walkin' from venue to venue. Umbrella?


  • How do I sign up to read at the open mic? 

Each venue at the Inland Poetry Prowl will have a host to welcome you, equipped with a clip board and a sign-up sheet. You'll be limited to one long poem, or 2-3 short ones, for the first go-round. Check back soon for our open mic guidelines.


  • What about becoming a "featured" poet? 

Hey, we could invite you! Send a short bio, the link to your website and 3-5 poems to: Featured poets get 15 minutes and their name in lights. Just kidding about the lights.


  • Who the heck ARE you people? 

We are a small group of writers and visual artists, living and working in Central Washington, willing to donate our time and talent to advocating for the immeasurable value of the arts. We like meeting new folks. We believe in stirring the pot, rocking the boat, making waves­­––all in a good way. Join us.

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