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•  At the venue, find the person with the clipboard, add your name to the list, and then go on stage when your name is called.


•  You'll have 4 minutes for the first go round. That's enough time for a long poem or 2-3 short ones. There may be additional rounds, depending on the number of participants.


•  These Open Mics are open to a general audience, so NO profanity. Sorry. Save it for the next Slam.


•  Read your own original poems, or poems by published poets whom you admire. 


•  Try to avoid a long-winded preface to your poem, and for Pete's sake, don't explain your poem before you read it.


•  Never apologize, especially if you just wrote the poem on the way to the venue. Let the audience believe that it was worth coming to hear you.


•  Read slowly, but not too slowly. Enjoy your vowels and consonants. Remember to breathe.


•  It's considered rude to keep shuffling your papers while awaiting your turn, and to fly the coop after your 4 minutes on stage. Please sit back down and listen to your fellows.


•  The audience is encouraged to moan, groan, heckle, laugh, whistle, snap fingers, slap knees, clap hands, and shout amen. Go with it.


​Check back for 2020 open mic schedule.

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